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Ha! You guys are funny. Actually, as someone with visual-and-auditory synesthesia (my senses of sight and hearing are fused, abstract images/sounds triggering each other), I was craving a lo-fi version of becalm, because the crisper frequencies were giving me a mismatch with the dreamy, almost oily bubblous enviromental scapes. So shut up and take my money for this version !

What Liam’s put together is a fun homage to those early 90’s me-too FPS mods and wads, complete with office-elevator-muzak-BGM and retarded corporate slaves. Not only that, but innovative too, with a choose-your-own-adventure plotline, and realistic ammo-management needs to survive too! 

Ooh found it, just Esc while playin.. just.. had to find the tiptoe of the toenail to get the slider to activate, maybe widen the hotzone yo! GHETTO ACTION

LOVIN it! Im 1 who tested it on Mac - looks great but need to add quality/resolution controls to be able to smoothen the frame rate, they keep dropping — with a game this fast, get knocked out too easily. It’s FRESH & KIckIN’

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Tip for confused players: Don’t quit on this game if you run around and the music stops. Resist hitting any keys at first! Mouselook around, listen to the music, and observe what happens like Eckhart Tolle’s cat waits motionless for a mouse to emerge from its hole. Only when you see a structure rise, move and wait for its peak, then climb to the top and fall off to another buildingtop. If you pause and see pink swirls around you, that means you’re in a musical hotspot where the constellations are moving, meaning a structure will shift soon. If not, then you’re on a structure.

To dev: What a surreal, beautiful world of audiovisual art you’ve created… which for a change in games rewards patience and mindful, contemplative waiting for the right moment. Rush and be penalized with making your climbs on structures more difficult than it needs to be — a parable for life of sorts. Everything — from the music, to the architecture, to the color palette, to what I like to believe is a grandma-witch who’s astrally travelled into her own piano — is a sublime and perfect experience. It reminds me of Alan Watts’ speech about the space in the silence between sound that makes music enjoyable. Too bad I got dizzy because of some flickering bug in the rendering on my Mac, despite trying multiple quality/resolution settings. Overall, thank you!

Great attempt! Resolution and controls seem clunky but the advantage is super smooth framerate, probably made for VR. Challenging puzzles, I couldn’t get through it given cryptic hints, maybe someone else could. One tip is that the panel interface controls are sliders you have to click and drag.

Ah, as a Trekkie/Space Quester was really looking fwd to this one. It’s still a 32 bit compile so not friendly with my Mac OS.

thanks for all the nostalgic feelz. took me right back to 2000

This has so much potential, dev! I love how you’ve taken the direction of artsy cartoonsy art instead of the super-realism that other FPS’s try to do… it’s almost cute like you’re on the planet of the Ewoks in Star Wars. Too bad I couldn’t proceed beyond the 1st kill due to lag that made me force-quit. One solution to lag on Macs if you want to improve it easily: Adding more options for players to tweak graphics settings in the Unity loader control on start (esp lower quality with No Antialiasing, no shadows/lighting and different resolutions) might do the trick. 

Yes friend, I can confirm that you are OCD if you still have an urge to mine empty blocks after you get the Proximity radar upgrade

Are you single? With devs actually named things like Coral and Ocean, I want to marry every one of you because I know I’d have a peaceful life living with woke AF's chill enough to create this immersion. Je t’aime, all of you! And this tease of a game, like meeting the perfect soulmate when on holiday but like a ship in the night she waves goodbye as she goes to swim in the moonlight and doesn’t come back, I was left feeling like an overly attached cat-dog-wat-ben-friend craving to know more about the story, the mythos, like, whose photographs are those memories and why are they important

I figured out how to work around these kinds of bugs. If you hear music and SFX that responds to your movement but see only black or pink, try ESC then Options and reducing the Quality or Resolution sizes. Play around with those whenever a problem, Apply then Resume game. Sensitivity tweaking helps too depending on your mouse. It worked for me!

Zut! As a Mac guy, rather disappointed I won’t be enjoying this game (great font choice here by the way)… after I click Play, the game crashes. I don’t know if it’s because my Big Sur security permissions deny incoming network connections or something else (I can send the Apple bug report somewhere). C’est zarbie

Loving the steampunky underling vibes! Congrats on graduating . Too bad I couldn’t get very far because the game freezes whenever i hit a checkpoint and get enclosed, no keys respond after that, and the Load game option isn’t responsive (I’m on Mac). If you guys decide to ever return to this and iron out the kinks, shut up and take my money!

Okay, just got through it and a more complete sentiment now! Some of the zones for walking to other screens might be expanded/relaxed a bit to make it easier to navigate without having to click a few times to find the hot spot. Loved the humor and charm... felt like a mix of Day of the Tentacle and Space Quest (which has an amazing remake here on Itch) yet plenty of original thinking. At first I thought that mom was a futuristic shower to save on water :D 

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Just started. A strong debut for sure and looking forward to returning to it tomorrow! Loving the old skool pre-Lucasarts Sierra Games vibe. Was hit by this error that led to the game crashing when clicking on the title screen outside the selectable options. This has real potential when you get around to adding some of your own voice acting if you don’t have the budget for pros to narrate the texts, or some built-in TTS synth or just muffled audio gibberish SFX maybe. 

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IT’S NOT! You just have to follow the README in the game folder. I feel so silly having trashed all those Gamemaker games when the fix was so simple -- not even any terminal commands — just **drag to Applications**. There are a lot of workarounds we gamers can do on our side to hitches opening Mac ports (like CHMOD to fix permissions, UPX for unpacking, right-click opening and okaying in Security for unknown devs), and if all that doesn’t work, virtualize with Parallels/Wine or boot to a Linux/Windows partition. Minidoom secrets are incredible homage to the entire genre of 2D platform history!

Nice circular playing field, very original! Cinematic camera effects too. I finally opened the cult of the castle of grayskull memento mori thing and went inside with my followers. One question tho: why does it not have holes for a nose?

I felt like I was in Wuhan’s equivalent on another planet in the year 1819 looking for the herb that will cure nCOV-SARS2 to send it to our planet in the future through an interdimensional portal to stop COVID-19 from happening. Sadly I too got stuck behind a lamppost on the lower right side of a bridge in the second part (after finding the 4 flowers), in the lowered-pillars world. So this pandemic’s all my fault, sorry.

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Real best secret is when you walk the other direction of the beacon (go backwards to make sure it’s opposite you) until you discover that… THE FLAT EARTHERS WERE RIGHT AFTER ALL

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Man, this is story-rich... and a rich man’s story! One that feels alien and unapproachable to those outside the Elysium of conquesting American privilege… where (when?) inheritance of a multigenerational home —today for a lineage’s bodies, tomorrow for their consciousness— can be taken for granted, as it already is by today’s billionaire quantum-mechanics-tinkering tycoons. But that’s the point exposed by this interactive neolegend through post-dystopian post-political humanity, artificially saved by the pseudo-apotheosis of cogsci-biotech fusion; the polarization of inequality can only increase because longevity is antithetical to the myth of planetary overpopulation. Protecting your kin from danger while seeding their idealist positivity to pierce through the noise of personified naysayers within, while learning to squash your own egoistical attachments to the outcome, it’s a very 1993 cyber-non-punk (read: model citizen) hero's journey to be navigated by any well-off, well-wishing parent in the idyllic pastures of the western Walled World... where death is terrifying and unacceptable. Think [William] Gibson meets Gibran[’s On Children]. Is mortality only an illusion, with our lifespans determined only by the extent of our mnemonic, demonic belief in it? To me that’s the timeless question explored here. If you’re not from the SoCal or Austin "techstasy" scene, just make sure to remove your cultural lens before you put on that VR/Knight’s helmet. Pro-tip: WASD (not space or mouseclick as usually expected) will accelerate some texts and navigate menus if you’re impatient. -dextyrio

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I feel like Tom Hanks facing Zoltar in the movie BIG instead wished he could blend my brain in a Moulinex with Camus, Sartre, Proust, and Montesquieu in tall hats then left the kitchen and forgot me