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but most importantly,
He got ur bacc

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golf 2

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In my opinion:

If you want a long campaign with complex game mechanics and a complicated narrative, it will probably suck.
If you want a short but sweet game with a cute story and lovable characters, this is the game for you.

(pssst, buy it from the Palestinian Aid bundle, its really cheap!)

Hey, game looks real fun but I cant play it. Ive unziped the game into a folder, but every time I double-click the .exe it loads for a while and then stops loading.

Thanks dude!

Quick question: Is this a horror game? It kinda feels like one, just wondering if there are any jumpscares or maybe some spooky memories ;-;

No i didnt but thank you for the info!

Donsol communityCreated a new topic Wait, what???

So, on what i assume is the original website, it shows clean art work but this is pixel art. Is there another version, am i missing something???

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Descent: Gameplay: 8.5/10 Gfx: 9/10

Lightner: Gameplay: 8.5/10 Gfx: 9.5/10

Big Brother: Gameplay: 8/10 Gfx: 8/10 (hard to see at times but still beautifull)

Charging Panic: Gameplay: 4.5/10 Gfx: 7.5

Chroma Cannon: Gameplay: 8.5/10 Gfx: 10/10 (Great :D)

Overall: 9/10 While the gameplay wasnt revolutionary I dont think its about that. If you want simple, adictive minigames with gorgeous art then this is perfect for you. It knows how to be simple, fun, and jump from one idea to another when its getting stale. My only big problem was with Charging Panic, but thats just personal. Oh, and the final reward was cool.

Simplesmente incr铆vel, nem pareceu uma demo.

I love this game, and wanted to see more of ElecHead in the future. Have a nice day.