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i sent it but haven't gotten a response yet and I'm not sure if it went through

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where is your email listed?

Since it isn't on this page, your tumblr pages or either of your pages on and tumblr is a jerk and won't let me dm you there

do you ever just realize you are 1000% broke and don't even have anyway to transfer moner to buy a 1 dollar (it's on sale at the moment) game here on

Hilarious nonsense probably

If you have a strong enough windows computer you could always test the mac and linux versions in a virtual machine

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I actually couldn't find the google play one, it seems to have been taken down since even the link here doesn't work. Also maybe you should just include the apk file here

Was the android version ever released? I managed to find an old 0.4 apk but nothing newer. You could always release the android version here in apk form