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Tom Simpson

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Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed!

Thanks! No Kickstarter, but starting to cook up something more meaty. See you in like 2 years! 

Nothing concrete yet, but aiming to do something for Linux  & Mac early next year!

Thanks for the kind words, and I think the first person to mention at our mini attempt at the iMuse! Just limited to the 3 rooms, but it was fun to try.

I haven't seen a guide yet, so I'll try give some hints.

- You may have to re-use an inventory item you've already used

- Is there anyway you can do it without the teenager seeing?

Let me know how you get on :)

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks! Looking forward to it being done :D

Thanks, we're getting there! It'll be free when it comes out, but if you're feeling generous, feel free to send a buckazoid my way when you download it :)

Enjoyed the video! :D Fun to see you set yourself on fire :) Liked and subscribed etc!

Thanks very much for playing, and making a video! I'll check it out later when I can listen.

Thanks for playing!