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Thank you so much! 

So I have a Mac and whenever I download a new update to this vn and try to open it, a pop up comes up and says something along the lines of “unidentified developer” and it might have malware. This doesn’t happen to any other of the vn’s I download. Does anybody else get this? Is there possibly malware? I have downloaded this vn before and haven’t gotten this pop up except in recent updates.

I talked to the author recently and they said that they will update the public version but they can't really say when. Also don't try to pressure or rush the author to put out something because they're currently really busy. 

thank you!

I’m very confused rn. Whenever I try to name my animals and press the enter key, it doesn’t name the animals. I tried to name my horse and my dog but nothing is happening. I can’t really continue with my quest without naming them. Please help me!

The update got delayed because Kael was spending time with his friend who was going through a rough patch. So it will probably come out soon, but just be patient 

how do you get a night with celeb? I’m so confused on how to do it.

The update on patroon is said will come out soon 

The creator will probably release a new update once they release a new update on patreon. Right now the creator only has up version 0.1.5a on patreon, so once 0.1.6 comes out, 0.1.5a will be posted here

what’s the password to Mark’s phone?

I’m a little confused with the newest update. Did the mark episode come with 0.7.00-3 or is that coming out in a later update because I’m not getting it.

I'm so confused of where all the alons are. I found the first and second one but I can't find the 3rd one! I know he's in the turret room while we are having mana vision, but I just don't see him at all and when are we in mana vision, can someone help? 

How do you go back on text with the web browser version?

I’m so happy I get to get back to playing this game again! When is the web browser version coming out?

thank you!!!

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Hello! I’m a little confused of where there is new story in the recent update. I’m not sure if I did something wrong in the route to not get it. Is there more story after where the other update left off? 

I’m loving this game! Can’t wait till the next update! 

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I'm so excited for the next build!!! I love this game so much!

Did the game just update? I see it says it updated 16 mins ago but I don't see anything.

Okay thank you!

How do you get to November 25th on Colby’s route? I only can get to 21st

In the future will the builds always be separate? Does this game only have one route, and if this game is going to be chopped up by build and there are multiple routes will the last saves be in next update? 

Does it make a difference in the story if I go through all the character selection before I choose a character to be with?

I’m having problems playing this game on Mac. It keeps repeating The application “game” can’t be opened. What should I do?

I’m on Mac, also how do you get to C:\Users\(Computer Username)\AppData\Roaming\RenPy? I’m not a very techy person.

thanks! I would try to find how to fix it

Hello, I’ve been playing the game for awhile, and I can’t delete my saves even if I select it and press the DEL button. Also when I reload files, most say exception has occurred, even when I started a new game, what should I do?