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Hi it's me again!! After I made the video I actually replayed the game a few times because I like it so much and can't stop thinking about it!! I'm a member of a game translation studio called Yuriatelier, and the others asked if I had any recommanded games to translate into Chinese. So I'd like to ask for your permisson to translate this game! If there are any concerns, we totally understand and respect your decision!


Thanks!! You don't know how happy I am to hear that people can have a better understanding of your games because of me! This is exactly why I made the videos!

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I'm really fond of cheerful girls like Hibiki!!!!! The plot is awesome, I love the confession sccene(the cgs are beautiful!!!!!), and I totally cried at the ending!! I did oral translation to Chinese for this one too!

!!!!!! I totally did not expect you to understand what I'm saying so I'm really embarassed now/////// I just finished Sensei's game today and the video should be up before tomorrow!! Thank you for watching the video I'm so excited to know that you like it!!!!!!!!!!! And again I really like your games!!

I love these two they are so cute!!!!!! Also I really appreciate the old-fasioned(?) yuri  plot, it's just so simple and sweet!! I made a video of the game with complete oral translation to Chinese here:

Love the two characters they're too cute!!!! I completed both endings with oral translation to Chinese:

I had no idea it's your mothertongue that is so cool!!!!!!!!!

And I did get the ending where the fourth choice appears, I got that one and the three endings required for it to appear, but I have no idea where the fifth(first?) ending is.

Love it! I made a video with complete oral translation to Chinese of 4 endings here

but can't figure out how to get the fifth ending... I only got the basic 3 and the "true ending".


Made a video with two endings oral translated into Chinese!


Great game! I did both endings with oral translation to Chinese if anyone's interested!

It's a really fun game! I made a video of a complete gameplay with oral translation to Chinese if anyone's interested, it's here

It's here!!

I'm gonna go rate on steam and put this link there too!

Love this game really I do. Love all the characters, but my favorite might be ori? She's too cool. I recorded my entire gameplay with oral translation to Chinese, but I haven't posted it anywhere yet. If you're interested I'll send you a link when it's up? Anyway, I just want to thank you sooo much for making this!!