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i bought it on steam just gotta say it was absolutely worth the 15 bucks i do wish it was 10 but my wallet has survived greater amounts taken before and its a good game so i dont mind 


hints would be pretty cool also great game

witch bottles how get more

fr lady is ngl kinda dumb asf

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f doummmuy

i know lol this is why i browse sex games its for people getting rosted in the comments for being a dumbass

anyone else see the aperture science logo in the the O lol

fr bro E  kinda dumb ngl

if you go on their discord server you can get updates

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0.1.7 will be out on august seventh 

its a porn game no-one cares 

is anyone else able to download this

the speed run page is up guys lets goooooooo

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im setting up a page right now i just need a video of me speedrunning it then it should be up soon(if it doesn't get rejected)

love the game cant wait to see mor


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no you

wait isnt there a game made by dani named literally muck 

thank you

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how do you get into the locker pls tell me i cant get past it

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how tf do i get amy to level 4 i can not also how to continue with ruths quest line

when i play the game all the characters keep saying fufu and im confused

looks nice and is really relaxing 

i have a windows 7 laptop

i wish to download game so i can actually play and not get 0 fps


very epic

very fun game i recently went through a great loss and this helped alot

lol this was such a good game it really made my day

maybe also it could be the fact im on a windows 8 laptop also i run like 48 mods on minecraft and get a beautiful  20 fps 


im on browser i cant find download button

why yes a true gamers wisdom

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naw its fine when i did get it working it was fun as heck

oh its not the game im running it on a windows 8 laptop

oh lol

im getting really depressed spending 2 days trying to beat it just to get basically nothing