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Is there any possibility for this to be released for Mac? I can use WINE but it'd be easier...

EDIT: Wine seems to not work, encountering a "serious error"

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What Genre of music is this game's music? I really enjoyed it!

EDIT: also, could you upload it to spotify?

It's not doing that. I'll try around with it though. Do you know if the .ini file allows me to edit things and if yes how? Cause at the moment in the file it says AutoSaveBestSplit: N so I assume it must have something to do with that, just I can't seem to be able to apply those settings. Perhaps I'll try it with WINE.

While the timer itself works, it doesn't seem to be saving my best splits. Any help? Also, is there an option to change the hotkeys, cause the current settings page doesn't actually do anything.

Hey Man! I'm absolutely useless so could you make me a split file for Hollow Knight? 

Title: Hollow Knight Any% NMG


Vengeful Spirit 

Mothwing Cloak

Dash Master

Mantis Claw 

Shaman Stone

Dream Nail

Nail Upgrade

Watcher Knights

Lurien the Watcher

Lumafly Lantern

Crystal Peak

Crystal Heart

Monomon the Teacher

Herrah the Beast

Hollow Knight

The End