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Thanks for letting me know, I will look into it! There are times where the fps randomly drops, I am trying to fix that right now.

I am still working on that but the technical and performance issues make things difficult, so I don't know if I will finish it or not.

I haven't really thought about something like that since I am swamped by existing work but it would certainly open up a lot of new possibilities!

Do you mean Oculus Quest? The game doesn't work on a Quest right now but I am working on a fix.

Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into it.

Sorry, pure headpats only

Are there particular keys that don't work? Or are the controllers simply not taking any input?

If you are on windows, it's should be in AppData\LocalLow\TomboyDrive\TomboyAdventure\

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You could try editing or deleting the settings file to reset it.

If you are on windows, it's in AppData\LocalLow\TomboyDrive\TomboyAdventure\prefs

I don't think the music license permits redistribution (only use in the game) but I'll have to check.

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Will do!

Thanks for letting me know, I'll work on it.

OpenXR had some issues previously and from what I understand I need to use a workaround to get SteamVR working. Because of that I keep delaying in the hopes that Unity will work that out. Then again, I have been waiting for quite a while and it might be better to just bite the bullet.

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I am looking into that right now. It might be possible, but depends on how difficult it is to convert.


Thanks for letting me know! I'll try to fix them asap.

Yeah, reading is not great for vr games. I plan to (eventually) have all of her dialogue voiced. As for the dialogue box, I'll make it adjustable. Thanks for letting me know.

You could try directly downloading the linux version from the site. Might not work but it could give a better reason as to why it fails.

You are using the itch launcher for the game?

What does the error say?

It might be that she got stuck somewhere along the way, sorry about that. Next update will have a proper reset function so you can reset the position without losing progress.

Japanese is the only available voice language right now, sorry.

I managed to (somewhat) reduce the blur. Not completely but it's still better than how it was. The fix will be up in the new update, out in a a few weeks.

Do you mind joining the game discord channel for a bit? There's a log file for the game, if you send that over it might help narrow things down.

Difficult to say as to what might be going wrong. Your SteamVR version is up to date, right?

If you can wait, I'll be releasing an update in a few weeks. Perhaps that will fix it (or not).

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Does it work fine when playing without VR?

Also, have you tried changing the graphics settings? Maybe that could be related.

Which headset are you using?

Sorry for missing the update!

I realized that I can't finish the game on my own, so I started looking for help. I found a few good people so now I am back to development. I don't want to mention any deadlines (due to missing a few already) but I hope the next version will be out in a few weeks. Thanks for asking!

There's the "Download now" button for that on the game page. When the popup shows up, click "No Thanks, take me to downloads" and you'll have the game. As for zip files, windows should have a built-in utility to unzip (when right clicking the file). If not, you can get the 7zip software and unzip using that.

You mean controls-wise?

It throws the same message for me but the game runs fine. Difficult to say what went wrong. What distro are you on?

I'll look into it!

The line bugs out from time to time, yeah. Thanks for noting that, I'll try to fix it.

Oh that's a temporary fix. Previously the fishing rod locked down the line which sometimes made it impossible to cast. So right now it reels out a lot easier. I'll make a proper fix for it soon. Thanks for letting me know!

Can you try the 0.83 version?

In vr the controls are a bit different, with trigger being used for reeling in. Can you try doing the cast motion and then release the trigger?

Next update (up tomorrow) will have bugfixes relating to that. Difficult to say if it's going to fix your particular issue though. Let me know if it doesn't and I'll try to figure out something.

VR or flatscreen? Probably a bug, I'll look into it.

I don't have any place like that right now. Though if you want to support the game you can share it with your friends, that helps a lot.

Yeah it's quite different from how it was done previously. I'll be a adding a proper tutorial soon-ish that should explain such details.

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That might be due to headpats and handholding now requiring you to finish certain fishing tasks to unlock. There is a small notebook on the backpack, can you check that?