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Man I wish I'd seen that post in time!

Queue size = deck size is also breaking, in case anybody besides me wanted to try being cheeky.

A good start, but some issues- the resolution is weird for me, Utter Despair doesn't seem to be playable, the game didn't actually end after 20 rounds, and it was a bit too easy once I trashed a few cards and picked up some draw.

5/5 would bail at the warning screen again

The most wholesome game ever to feature serial killer clowns, explosions, and occasional use of the word "whore!"  I like it a lot.


I kinda wanted to stay on my island with my singularity of cats and my overflow of cash!

Instructions unclear, plummeted into endless offwhite void

Pretty cool, albeit pretty buggy.  Card-playing animation takes a while, it's hard to fit on my screen, and "give me another!" makes everything unplayably huge.

This was really cool, and I hope it continues to go well!  Couple things: the large groups of enemies were pretty dang hard, but maybe that's just my not being used to games where I can't just indiscriminately slaughter everything in the first dungeon.  Also Floralize seems a bit glitchy- one time it got stuck until I alt-tabbed in and out of the window, and sometimes the animation just didn't quite go off right.  Good work though!

I have been stuck on the "transform into play" goal (which I don't understand) for a very long time and I am not even mad because the game is fun.

Super cute!