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Thanks man! If you have any suggestions for other things you might see on a nice walk, I'm open to suggestions for future updates.

I've updated the game a bit, and the .zip for the Linux version contains both 32 and 64 bit version, so hopefully that work's for you!

Thanks for playing! Those are all good suggestions, and none of them currently present; I'll endeavour to add them in an update

Great, thanks for clarifying Rosa! I shall book transport accordingly.

First, thanks to South Bank for letting everyone use their game labs, that's super nice of them! For those of us coming to South Bank, what are the opening/closing times for the studio over the weekend?

What I'm actually asking is whether it's acceptable for me to sleep in a pile on the floor of the studio, or whether I'll actually have to go and sleep on a bed like a normal human?

Thank you! This is a very small prototype of something we would like to develop into a bigger project. In the long run I'd like to see a series of small vignettes based around different cultural objects, with different puzzles and stories for each one. I'm really glad you enjoyed playing what we have here, though; thanks for playing!