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Hi ! do you plan to make it for Android? im getting an Kindle Fire HD 8, i would love to have this game working on it..its 1.5gb Ram

And you can deliver by here,without need to launch on Google Play Store

Thank you!

Hello, i want to get the VR version but i appreciate an support for Xbox controller or mouse and keyboard with VR,is it possible? i would love to play with touch controllers for sure but i dont have them yet....

It would be perfect if he enable the project for someone put VR plugin and test.... the TEST part is the hard one because OXOPOTION dont have VR

ME TOO!!!! it would be epic!

Hello OxoPotion, much time since i played this amazing funny and horny game... so i am developing an RPG and came by this page again... i would love to use your model as an character for my RPG, but i need to know if you agree with this? i want to make an Little Witch that pass by player and give hin some potions.... do you agree with im using your model for a game? i mean i will sell this game when i finish, but ofcourse you will be granted with an copy of my game, for sure! 

I am developing enviroment and planing some characters visual, i finished story and planing also effects like fog,fire and monsters... later i will implement mechanism of play and i put VR plugin... it will be WITH VR and Without VR to many people play it

Thank you for all... i love much Abby adventures ^_^ and i hope see she again on a more horny game with much poses,penetrations and adventures like trolls grabin she, ghosts, tentacles, etc...

yeah but sometimes i like more joysticks,playing with distance,pluged on my tv

Nice to know *_- i Will keep in touch It makes me Very interested

I loved to see it improves her ass shape,i mean its not to much "squared",its more soft,i really like to know if there is support for control (ps4 or xbox) ?


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It appears to be Very Nice,do You have plan to support joysticks like PS4 and Xbox Control? 

Im Very anxious to see How this Works... Hope It Run on my tablet,If yes them its Fun for sure. 

Thanks and congratulations

I love the idea of trying penetrate even with cloths,spandex and tighty cloths...i wish it as update too.;D

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I maded some tests with tridef3D and its very great,maybe if her ass were a little more big,a little,it can be perfect for VR,overall is great,some effects of are better like Edge,because with edge we doesnt see the 3Ddepth on boobs and some others parts...also when she is standing and shows the back on final sex scene (anal) its weird,her vagina appears to be big,so only you testing to notice...but its my comments for an future update if you get VR.

Another great thing: on table sex scene i feel myself penetrating she,its amazing ^_^

Click on my comment,i put a link there with img

I love the way you maded,it try to enter but dont enter...its sexy

Im sorry you dont have it,so i love VR,i started 2 years ago searching and i started with cardboard vr,them i jump to vrbox,its a good try you can notice what 3D depth is capable,i played only 2 games on it and i was "WOOOW" the hair in front of face,the boobs,butt and all...but them since there i was amounting to get PSVR when it launched,i got and and its far beyound what you see,i went back to vrbox and notice the power of PSVR, you really have the feel of dimension and proportions,a real sense of scale,and i the vr box is like an wall 2m far your eyes and a screen right there only in 3D,on psvr you really is there seen it,its like your eyes on this new world.

So a first step is great: you developer with cardboard and later you can bring more,but i have other solution: ask for someone to help,i did a lot on unity days ago,but never did a game,only to learn,you can get easy OSVR plugins and integrate on unity,of course now you can get psvr too,i dont know how.

Them lets talk about what i tested: i used tridef3D and got 2 images (split screen) and put on trinus gyre psvr,it shows me a zoomed imagem (precisely the center of screen) i can see only until the 3rd button on character creation,and on left i can see a little of wall near her right arm (girl is in front of us),so my tip is: you really need to have VR to modifier the menu,im studing how solve it to see all,but you can simple put (finish button) on Enter button of keyboard or press Start on joystick,or move the button to near the character. So that was my problem i couldnt go beyond character customization.

I wish i could get and adjust for you on unity for VR,but i would simple get OSVR and try to adjust for PSVR as well as HTC VIVE and RIFT,but you have another great and simple solution: try to integrate with Steam VR,its all ready for it.

Another tip: you have unreal engine that have VR plugin too but i dont know much about it.

Got it! i did it,its so amazing ^_^ The great is that you used dx 11 above,so i can use for VR too..i will test as soon as possible.

Im very fascinated for this little game,and i cant wait for updates *-*

Its amazing game,hope it grows and can be VR game too.

I wish nipples growing... i love she reacting

Thanks its amazing game,im loving it,i want to know how can i get she on up of table,also i want to congratulations because its very rich of things: she reacts,surprise on various parts of body,you can make she angry,naughty and she talk much phrases. I want more about fantasy,it could be fun but also the pale ton can be zombie too... one good update is make it work with VR,only sbs 3D is great..or support on htc vive.congratulations hope you guys grow and as much as i can i will support..its amazing!