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apologies for later response. Had a busy period at work and only now I had time to respond. 

To answer your suggestion. I could export the sequence, but we're talking about 60'000 frames per video. So I would have to make 1'200 samples and run each of them via Dain. I tried to run Dain for only 2 frames before but interpolation returned nothing. How would that work? Technically, it could work but I'm worried that it might take me 2 weeks of manual work to manually reconstruct the whole video this way.

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can you please, re-read my message, please? I do not have duplicate/repeat frames in my video. I have missing/corrupted frames in my video. I do not have extra frames, i have missing gaps/frames that Dain could fill in.

Thank you 



i would like to ask about possible module in DainApp, please. I believe this functionality is already programmed in DainApp, but it is not enabled to be selected in selection panel.


I am currently experiencing following issues in some of the videos:

  1. I have 25 FPS videos that someone converted to 24 FPS. Unfortunately, i do not have original videos and when i interpolate it x2 to 48 FPS, it becomes very evident that every 25th frame is missing (49th, 50th frame after interpolation), as video slightly jumps forward every second.
  2. I have other videos that have been converted from VHS and unfortunately every 10th or so frame is damaged. I was looking for softwares to fix damaged frames based on interpolation of previous and following frame, but nothing comes to the Dain level. Most apps (FrameSurgeon, Avisynth "morph") simply create blend between 2 frames, they do not properly interpolate the frame like DainApp does. I am in love with DainApp and i do not mind that it has to run for 1 day straight based on how stellar the results are. <3 There is simply nothing like this (Rife, SVP).

If needed, I can provide examples (frames, videos) for both issues above.

Potential Solution:

Easy fix would be if there was an option to set interpolation rate to 1x (no increase in FPS) and have DainApp simply fill in missing frames as per following:

  1. For the first problem, I could export video as image sequence and re-order/manually rename it so that the frames are named 1-24, 26-49, 51-74, etc... DainApp would then identify that frames 25, 50, 75 etc are missing and interpolate just those to fix the sequence and restore my video from 24 fps back to original 25 fps. Then i could decide whether i want to interpolate it further x2 to 50 fps the usual way
  2. For the second problem, I could export the video as image sequence and simply manually delete corrupted frames. I wouldn't even have to rename the sequence. Once corrupted frames are deleted, i could run sequence through DainApp (interpolation rate x1) and Dain would simply fill in the missing frames.

I think Dain already knows the correct algorithms to do such thing (filling missing frames), the selection panel is just not adjusted to provide this option without increasing FPS/reordering sequence. I was wondering whether such adjustment could be made to the tool to do such thing. I am also willing to provide donation to sponsor such change if it is a straight-forward fix/ win-win situation, please.

Thank you very much