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I love that this game feels so close to the game I’m planning to start next year aesthetically, and in the same time this gives me a lot of inspiration. Amazing catch on Ultima/Tibia vibes, I will definitely give demo a try! Once you release the game, please also try to publish it on GOG, it’d be amazing to pay you elsewhere than Steam, and I’m more than sure you will be accepted with such old school game <3

Just wanted to say “thank you”, it’s truly one of the shortest, yet the most beautiful experiences of a game <3 If you’d be able to share executable for it, this would be amazing, I’m always afraid of web-only games (Flash games history)

Man, at first I had a thought that those assets were AI, I hate my brain so much. Thankfully fingers, details and veery distinct style made me doubt my thoughts and reading description, I feel reassured. Absolutely glorious work on aesthetics, one of the best I’ve seen on this site!

Even though it seems the game is nowhere near my usual liked genres/gameplays, I will still play it, just because of how beautiful and intriguing it feels :3

Hello! First of all, thanks so much for being here. I remember the times I discovered 0 A.D. years ago thanks to CD-Action magazine giving it on CD as “freemium games collection”. Loved it instantly! So I’m very happy to rediscover it and see that the game is more beautiful than ever! And even there are mods for it, this is amazing. I have a question for you, though: is there any plans for expanding economical aspects of the game? I ask especially because I know it’s focused on fight, so I should not expect another Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, but in the same time, I feel like some additions of aesthetical builds/optional economical path would make this game perfect for all types of strategy players. I started “infinite no-AI” game to relearn things and if I have to be honest, it was a lot of joy just to build beautiful stuff around.

Hello! First of all, I wanted to sincerely thank you for your absolutely amazing work on this beautiful game! It’s one of my favourite games of all-time, and it’s probably the only one turn-based game I absolutely love (I prefer real-time in general). I can’t put enough how many memorable moments I had with BfW, this game being also my entry to modding back in 2012, which I love greatly.

One question I have about BfW current status/future: is there a chance for it getting Linux version?

Very interesting concept. It can be seen that everything was done for the jam, as there are several fields which would feel better being finished, but the overall concept is really fun. Despite repetitiveness, I am coming back to this game just to find out how to kill this boss :D If you were to take this project again and add new content, maybe some additional strategy to fight, weapons, I’d love to see that coming!

Absolutely love Daggerfall vibes of it! Please, if you would like to release full version as paid one, consider doing it not only for Steam, but also for, as I’d love to pay for it, but I don’t want to support binding clients.

As much as simple it is, it is also very enjoyable! :D This shooting system is not the most “modern” in sense that you need to use two mouse buttons to shoot, but somehow I love it, it gives shooting some difficulty and complexity. Now I kinda wish more RPG games would use such system, haha ^^ I’m curious where this is going, so keep doing great job, mate!

Interesting concept of the game, but the lack of explanation on anything makes it difficult experience for newbie. Some documentation on basics would help significantly (possibly html/pdf form)

This game is really interesting, as although I played it only for a while, it seems to have amazing potential! The thing I’d love to see though is improved movement. Currently, it is not intuitive enough, and if you operate on mouse (because keyboard is tricky with movement a bit too), after every move mouse moves to the center of the screen - which makes moving with mouse more frustrating than keyboard, and the latter does not support moving down in intuitive way (‘S’ key). As for mouse support, would be also amazing to see more use with mouse hovering - currently, only if you use keyboard, some feedback appears (for example when creating character), and with mouse, you instantly choose-and-go-further, so you cannot read the description of selected trait, for example.

This is my quick concerns, but don’t take it as mostly criticism - in all honesty, seeing the blog and all the possibilities listed, it feels like with improvements, it may become one of the better indie games! I love how much stuff you planned, making the game sophisticated a lot in the future. And the theme (western/fantasy) is also a big plus, as there are not many of those, especially within such genre.