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yeah unfortunately the exe wasn't packed properly, sorry for the confusion

Gosh, so many people are super upset about the plants... the funny thing is... the plant saviour text is coded in, but set to happen when John waters them every single day. Unfortunately though, I completely forgot he sacrifices one day for himself! John got the better of me there but I'll try and revisit this and code the plants being watered for 6 days instead of 7.

Hey CritHit! Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately we didn't have enough time or any members available to implement audio, but it's definitely something we would be looking to add in the future!

Have you got discord? my discord is Tom_Paul#4207

awesome! You'll have to send me the admin link to accept the invitation

Hello there, would it be possible to add me as one of the authors to the game so that I can properly display it on my profile?

Hey Sondre! Long time no see! Would it be possible to add me as one of the authors to Chrono Crack so that I can display it on my itch?

unfortunately one of a few bugs that stayed... if you want the working build, try it out, here it is

The download link is in the description in the game page