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Currently, I have no use for it. But this is an amazing tool.

Curious how well you feel these tiles fit with your other 'Super Pixel' Tile Sets.

Dang... all of these are looking super good.. will these be available in the game from the get go or will the be available as unlockable content through achievements or some such?

Curious if there was a detailed list of what decor elements were included in this set.

Curious if there was a detailed list of what decor elements were included in this set.

So hype, can't not wait to get this game. May have to end up buying it twice depended on when in 2020 the switch copy comes.

Really like this asset, are there any plans to expand it beyond 1.3?

Looks absolutely amazing, I will have to check this out when I get the chance I would work great for my current project.

Really impressed with you work, haven't had a chance to download it as I am at work but will certainly be checking this out.

This would be so cool to see, I love the art style but I would like to have more options than just the base hero. Will have to keep an eye out.

Really quality work, love the art style. I wish I had an advice project at the moment to I could justify picking up the pack.

Have not had a chance to play it yet but seems like a great game looking forward to more to come.

Excellent work! You really keep expanding on an already great piece. Have you considered creating an arrow projectile to go with this sprite?

Absolutely love this pack, certainly will be picking it up. I wish there were up/down animations for these but these are really nice too.