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This game was fun to play!


There are some really cool game rules here, such as how the other people (are they people?) change colour when you catch them, and it was mostly intuitive! Well made.

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My best time is 1583.

I really liked how the game forces you to move around.

I also lost at level 36! Which is an average of about 3 deaths per level.

There was a lot of cool platforming action, and I liked the idea that your total lives were limited.

The explosions, screen shake and sound effects made the game feel really fun! It would be nice to get a reason to shoot the mirror, rather than aiming directly at the candy canes though.

There are some great puzzles here!

This game feels very polished! It manages to get that sense of wonder in the same way as Monument Valley.

This was amazingly simple and fun! My only nitpick is that it would be nice to be shown which person was a vampire when you lose so that you could see where you went wrong.

There is potential here for some fun ways to interact with Morgul, such as Morgul being scared of the mouse pointer, or only being able to see and go to anything that is within the window. Also, does Morgul have any relation to Mordor (or the Nazgul?)

Thanks for the kind comment! Have you managed to make Justin?

Thanks! Having an unlimited supply of everything would remove the need to remember anything you learnt about crafting, but perhaps I should have made it so that when you got the pickaxe you could mine coal so that you would not have to keep making it.

Awesome! I got to 5:35.

Morgul has a cool design! Can't figure out how to play though.

How do you play the game?

The simplistic art style here is really cool, and fits well with the music to make the game feel calm. Just out of curiosity, how did you make the bounce and death sounds?

Is there a way to not lose upon starting the game? So far, I fall out of the world every time...

The puzzles here are great! I like how intuitive everything is: the game does not need a tutorial to explain its rules.

A fun little game, but it would be better if it made it clearer when you lose.

This game is great! It feels fun to play. Yet, it would be useful to see some indicator that you are damaging the boss in the fight at the end of the game.

This seems to be an original idea, well done!

The action feels cool in this game, especially the collisions, but a more consistent graphics style would be nice.

It seems we have similar game ideas, good game.

The art style and theming here is great!

Well done with making this game! The art style looks neat and it is a fun experience, albeit brief.