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i cant wait to play the full game of this demo. Seems like it will be a good story to unfold!

Really nice job at turning the short film into a game! The way he was running my die laughing. Hope to see more by you in the future!

Amazing Game! I Loved The Twist At The End. I Feel Like There Is A Deeper Meaning To This Game

Very Big Jumpscare. Cant wait to play Episode 2!!!!

HAD A BLAST PLAYING THIS GAME! This Is Still One Of My Favorite Gameplay's I Have Ever Recorded 

Really Loved the concept of the game VOIDBOX I will be playing the full release of the game when it comes out. THANK YOU (p.s I died like 40 times trying to progress forward)

Nikita i haven't played the game yet but i just want to say that this soundtrack is f*cking AMAZING! They need to hire you for triple A Game because its well needed in this day and age of video games

Nice Game Jonny without the H. Hope to see more by you in the foreseeable future homie!

Best Way To Describe This Game Is That Santa Has A Weird Fetish With Prostitutes lmao

Perfect way to spend christmas alone...breaking into to santa clauses house! 

Really loved the style of this game. I Don't Play Point And Click Games Very Often But If This Is How It Is THEN I WANT MORE OF IT! i couldn't get the secret ending but im still proud of my score. Will be following you for more games to play in the future! Keep up the good work dude.

Hey Thorne Baker! You GOTTA make this a 12 part game man. This made the Mandela Catalogue WAYYYY more creepier in my humble opinion. I Will be following for more game releases and updates!  

Had a amazing time playing this game lmao Josiah gonna have to be turned into a pack in the full version aint no way he doing that to me and getting away with it 

Thank you again for reaching out to me to play this well developed game! I Will be joining the discord and following for future updates and such. Thank you again

I Hope when the full game comes out in 2022, they'll be a option to tell Raymond to go f himself 💀 and do the job by himself because I never wanna go through this horrifying experience again 💀

This Baby Had Me Nervous And Annoyed At The Same Time. 10/10 Will Throw This Baby Across The Table Again :)

No problem

Ayo Max, Can't wait for your future projects after playing this game. It was really fun to play, man really locked me in a room with a deformed screaming monkey lmao 

Really Amazing Game Scary Cube. Decided Not To Hit Any Devious Licks In This School

cool game

This game is something else emika. I feel bad for everything thats going on with this game (refunds) its totally unfair that you spent so much time on a game just for it to be ruined by the public. Hopefully everything gets resolved soon :) 


Really cool concept for a PS1 game. The Game played out really well i loved the voice acting. The only question i have is what the hell happened to my managers legs????

Scariest game i have ever played (happy it was a full game and not a demo this time too lol) DEVELOPER KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! 

Deklazon. This is by far the best demo i have ever played on I Made a hilarious video on it and gave it a review and rating at the end. PLEASE TELL ME WHEN THE FULL GAME COMES OUT- I WANNA BE THE FIRST TO PLAY IT

Bro this game had me sweating the whole time and NOT because I was wearing two jackets but thats besides the point. I Cannot wait for the full game to come out I wanna be the first one to play it. Left a rating for your game at the end of my video. Cheers 

DUDE THIS GAME WAS SO FUN. I love the little voice recognition mechanic and the ending! 10/10 Game

Hey man I did a review of your fantastic game and gave it a rating at the end of my video. All I have to say is.... WHEN IS THE FULL GAME DROPPING AND HOW DO I SIGN UP FOR THE FIRST COPY....thats about it haha but overall really good game!

So I somehow broke The Killer In Nightshift haha Still On Of The Scariest Things To Experience Tho

Thanks fam

The Way Spongebob Folded Squidward Had Me Dead The Whole Time

extract it using winrar or 7zip

Hey habupain, this Yandere mode had me tweaking on all levels of restrictions. Good job cant wait for more


i know this version is now the outdated version but it was still a little hard (for me) even on normal mode so i can only imagine what its like for the glow in the dark red lipstick mode. Will be playing it next week

This had to be one of the best hunting games I've ever played in my life. To the soundtrack, to the mechanics and then to the monsters (I fought only 2 as of now) But you bet i'll be back for the full finished game!

This game was super fun to play not even gonna cap

I’ll be there!