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Tokuyama Daigoro

A member registered May 12, 2022

Recent community posts

Congratulations for your first game, Karinna!
Do you have an email to contact you?
I would like to translate the game

revshare is fine for me, just sent you a DM on DevianArt

Is always great to see personal-hand drawn games like this!
Is there a mail where we can contact you? I would like to translate it

Game has an Ice Wind Dale visual style, I'm I right?
Hey, I could create a Spanish translation for the game, are you interested?

I would love to translate the game, into Spanish. 
I tried to send you an email but you email client keeps rejecting it.

The art style of this game is awesome, it deserves more reviews.
Is there an email where we can contact you?

Hi Jonathan, love the color palette you chose.
Is there an email where we can contact you?

I like that all your games have a consistent style.
Is there any social or mail where we can contact you?

Do you have any social still active?

Hola, que bueno que el juego siga en desarrollo! Sigue adelante.

Podría ayudarte can la traducción al inglés si quieres, tienes un email de contacto?

"A walk in the park" is great, your next release could be "A piece of cake" ;)

was gonna buy the game, until realized you don't like coffee.
No, just kidding :D

Keep Going, bro! I want to see more.
Your style is really great

Amazing what can be done w/ RPG Maker.
I could translate it into Spanish if you want to, so can be accessible for more people

I like that have only 56 hours instead of 48 or  72 :)
Is there an email where we can reach you out?

Great game, TropicalStar!
You still into game dev?

Not everyone's cup of tea games... Nice!
Is there an email where we can contact you?

Siempre es bueno tener un pack de Multijuegos!

"Thomas The Rail KIller", wish I had that cartoon when a was a kid.
Snowielove1, where can we DM-contact you directly?

Hola, Luis. Gran historia de épica que es Los cuatro guardianes.
Quisiera ayudarte a traducirlo al inglés, ¿hay algún lugar donde pueda contactarte?

Great style, is awesome what can be done in the RPG genre.
Is there any place where we can contact you?

What's the name of the song in the trailer?

Can't wait to play Do You Want More!?

Will smith is in your game, wonder if that helped to sell more or less copies. XD
Great art style, keep going

Hi Unisy, great to see classic-old school rpg games!
Is there any social where we can contact you?
checked out your site but couldn't find any
Thanks in advance!

"This planet must die.", love the idea already.
Please, tell me more :)

"...feeling that something is wrong".
Don't worry, if you are a freelancer, there's always something that will go wrong XD

Is a great game. Hope you release a new game some day!

Your style is great.
Have no plans for more games in the future?

It has German and English translation, may I suggest Spanish as well?