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Tokio Lotus

A member registered Jun 14, 2020

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I just wanted to let developer know , this person stole your game and installed a Trojan virus in the download. I reported it already but may want to look into it!

Honestly this was so aesthetic and fun to play. Capture the essence of watching it for the first time. Please make more games in the future!

I'm not kidding when I say this is one of the best flashlights I've ever seen in a horror game. Perfect balance of fun and creepy. Would love to see more!

Enjoyed this demo a lot! The doll as the main antagonist was the spookiest part. I would caution about mixing your sound design though. As I was walking on tiles it sounded like metal.

Really enjoyed the premise! I played this very unaware it was a backrooms theme. Then cinematic sequence at the end was so fun~

It was a good lil horror bite. I loved the chain room and wind up flashlight~

I love the concept of this game it was such a good little horror bite. 

The monster design was very creepy and you can't beat the mirror.

 Love to see more~ !

This game was surprisingly fun! Just a warning though, the ending chase music get's you copyright claimed on YT. 

This was super hilarious to play. I had a lot of meme moments.

I played this version towards the midway mark. I was actually impressed by the doll's tracking abilities. It was a lot of fun !

Waited years to play this game and finally did it. It's so stylish and disorienting just like Silent Hill!

Really enjoyed the VHS style once more. Have to admit this is one of the only games that have given me a proper jump

scare ha!

Very beautiful demo. I felt like I was playing a poetic version of dark souls. I was also surprised at the voice acting and designs.

Great work, I would love to play the full game!

This game was adorable and I enjoyed every second of it!

Daniel you did it again! Perhaps my favorite in the series. I am personally happy you decided to head the Silent Hill inspired route for the last game. It was truly a treat from visuals to sound design. I am so impressed with this series. Big fan for life~

I enjoyed the style of this game but the sound design was superb, I even had to check irl when I heard a bump and realized it was in game. Great job! 

Listen despite my light roasting I actually adored this game. I hope you enjoy my playthrough as I laughed several times at how spicy he became. Great job! 

Ha I tried to give Grim a little voice acting. He honestly was a fun character. If you ever did a sequel or another visual novel, I'm in!

I played this a while back for Halloween and it was really cute. I couldn't find the page to post my video then. Really cute little bite.

This was hiliarious little game, I had some control troubles which made my playthrough more funny! 

Hey no problem I actually adored this game when I played it! So if you do update it please let me know I would love to do a full voiced playthrough. Here is the name of the song that gives a copyright claim. It's called Nana Nanita by Circus Marcus. I believe it plays throughout but it mainly got me in the library part where there is no talking over it. I really did enjoy this story so much, I'm a sucker for moral tales please continue your beautiful work!

Frustrating but equally fun! I had a great time trying to take down Santa. Merry Christmas everyone!

Even though I'm air headed this game put me in the holiday mood. So cute and simple <3

Decent horror game, I'd say the appearance of the maniac was a bit too frequent but I enjoyed it! 

This was such a lovely little experience. Cute, simple,  & enough magic to keep you wanting more!

As someone who plays so many similar types of horror games this was such a treat. The atmosphere and music does an excellent job at making you feel like you are an uncomfortable guest at a possibly dangerous rave. Do yourself a favor and go into it blind! I experienced both endings <3

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This game was such a pleasure to play. It throws you in a very plausible real life scenario of "I'm lost in the woods" and amplifies that by excellent sound design. 

I played this for my 31 days of Spoops and it was such a pleasant little horror morsel. Just the perfect amount of atmosphere, time, and really great sound design. Sound design makes or breaks a horror game imo and this one complimented the visuals so well. Just try it yourself!

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I of course am stopping by after Lost Bullet took the time to come to my humble little Youtube channel and leave such a lovely comment. All I can say is download this blind, turn your headphones up and enjoy! It's a great horror bite.

I played this in 3 parts but man was it a lovely little bite of a horror game.

I unfortunately was cut off with a bad ending and wanted more! This

was very well balanced and easy to pick up and come back to. Great job~

I played this for my 31 Days of Spoops and it was such a lovely little find. It's short, sweet, and adorable!

I did an entire playthrough of this for my 31 days of spoops. It was one of my favorites entries. This is such a heartwarming and charming little game. I loved it!

Well I always thought this game looked so compelling by the artwork but I see it's been on here for years. Sadly the reason why many haven't played it is when you upload a youtube video the music used in it gives you a copyright claim. I don't make money yet so it was no problem for me to leave this up. I love the characters and story so much but I'll leave this as a testament to anyone else who might play it. It's a whimsical and moral tale. I had fun doing voices for all the characters. Would love to see this be a full game with new music in the future.

This game made me laugh and gave me some spooks but I adored the original style even if I poked fun. It's not often I run into creators who don't recycle assets. This was a lovely little play. Kudos!! 

This game has such wonderful atmosphere. Takes me back to those days after school waiting for Dragon Ball Z! The task is simple, the art style is fun, & anime intros!!! Need I say more? Great job on this tasty treat~

Your game was as I called it whimsical horror. I enjoyed the overall mechanics & atmosphere even though I felt it more of a puzzle platformer than horror. Kudos to everyone who worked on this!

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this game. The audio design was the strongest in my opinion. Although Kijo was a very spooky monster I tend to not like when it stays in your face for too long as it ruins the mystery of it. Altogether was a very nice game!