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Wonderful! Music is a tad clippy, but the overall experience is very sweet! I realize this is six years later, but I've been binging games with hugging mechanics, so thank you for contributing to that category!

Cute! Hit harder than I was expecting- my condolences for your loss.

Here, I would like to encourage you to comment any questions or theories you have about the story thus far. This not only prompts delicious discussion, but it helps me to know what to keep in mind during development.

To clarify; this is not a suggestion box, but a way to conceptualize the mindset of interested parties... and to pick the brains of fiction-oriented conspiracy theorists. ;)

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This is just for reporting game-breaking bugs.

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Thanks! Having programmed this in Harlowe, I found the text-box function to be a tad unforgiving, hence the game is only a prototype for now. The tutorial is more developed (and even includes its own story) if ever you want to give it a shot. Either way, loved the video; it’s great to see these submissions being shown off!


So spread the word and whatnot. Publicity is its own form of payment, at least until the product is officially out.