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Harsh but true, can't install the game as a simple Spring mod right now. It's a turn off.

if it can help, when this particular level starts, the focus isn't set on the typing field. I have to press enter once before being able to type something.

(I admit my setup is a bit specific so that may be the thing that triggers it, but we can't debug, do we ? :P)

Sure, you can find the infos there:

Hard to play with touchpad because we can't set sensivity.

And can't control well with keyboard either since for some reason, hitting a key is like it's kept hold and my character always move into that same direction, and doesn't obey if I give him another direction, so I end up hitting a wall and I lose.

oy oy, I'm stuck in level B1, no words are appearing so I have nothing to type to move my character,  is this a bug ?