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This is a really cute game! It has interesting puzzles, and the way that instructions are conveyed without dialog is effective. The visual style is very cohesive and the colours fit perfectly, with the design style being consistent (white = floaty thing, etc). It wasn't too difficult and the last map was a bit frustrating but I really enjoyed playing it. It took me just about an hour to complete. Looking forwards to see what else this team produces!

A few nitpicks

  • I think the sound of the cubes being knocked over is too loud/harsh
  • The DoF effect that changes with where the player is looking gets in the way
  • It's possible to get cubes stuck under the moving platforms, in which case they don't move anymore (I had to restart the game from the beginning because of this)
  • There should be a button for restarting at the last checkpoint because it's easy to get in a position where you can't continue (losing a cube for example)

This was fun! It is hard to tell when you have shot an enemy though.

The most amazing video game I have ever played.

I didn't expect that, but I loved it.

Weird, but I loved it.