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Alright, i found it. it's at about 1 hour 50 mintues in to the stream.

Cool! Could you tell me at what time it was?

Honsetly the limitation or theme didn't really bring me any good ideas this time around... but thanks!

You forgot to include the .pck file.


It's pretty good, however the movement is a bit difficult for my liking.

Pretty great conpect! altho, sound effects or some music would have helped this game a bit.

Thanks for the comment!

However... i didn't have enough time to do minor animation stuff unfortunetly... maybe if i where to update the game, i would improve some flaws of the game.

This is why kids shouldn't be on

alright, thanks for the constructive criticism! I will fix the issue whenever I try making a platformer again.

Try holding space to jump higher.

I don't really know how to fix the jumping problem. but thanks!

It probably has something to do with the framerate i think.

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Is this an issue on the browser version, the executable version or both?

Try holding space if you want to jump higher.

That's odd, i've never had an issue with jumping.

Is it like you can't jump or you can't jump high enough?

I apologize... but the game feels kinda unpolished and buggy, i really want to like this game, but the lack of polish just holds it back.

I like the conpect of this game. the game itself it's very well done!
nice game!


This is a masterpiece, we need a sequel of this.

This game does not support keyboard.

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This is a prototype version of this game, you can get the latest version by clicking this link:


Hey. a pretty good font! thank you!

How did you make it multicolor?