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Any updates on the non-spreads?

Excellent! No huge rush. Just easier to use that format on my tablet. Liking what I've seen of the game so far!

Excited to dive into this! Do you have a non-spreads version by chance?

Great to hear! Hope your session went well.

For the Chilly damage, is it 1 point per turn, or 1, then 2, then 3, etc.?

Hi ReEvolve! Thanks for checking this out. Are they too distorted if you "fit to page" when printing? I'll add it to the maybe to-do list if time makes itself available.

Yes, definitely! It was made with 1e in mind.

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Played through Woodland Temple tonight and had a blast! A couple questions:
- For "Defend, 3 is enough to avoid Harm", would you still spend Energy?
- Intent on damage for bombs?

Should the hex map have number labels to match the rumors and/or designate each cell?

File updated with your request. Thanks again!

Appreciate the input! Should be an easy fix. I'll try and get an update here this week.