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Loved this! Would love to play more

Just started making videos so any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks Folks!

Loved this! Can't wait to play more of your stuff.

See me poop my pants below.
I've just started on youtube so any feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks :)

I did not expect anything like this. Awesome game! Loved it!

Since I just started I'd love some feedback myself as well :

Great game! Would love to play some longer ones! Love your work!

Loved this game, started following you!

Please make more.

This took me so much longer than it should have! It really needs a save function though. Thanks for making this!

Enjoyed this! hoping for a sequel. Bit confused about the different accents though.

What. a. game. can't wait to play more of your stuff

Good game! Really enjoyed playing this. Don't know how to pronounce it's name though.. 

This is a really good game! A lot of reading, but totally worth it!

Great, great game. Really funny, rated 5 stars. You can watch the gameplay here :

Loved this! Great atmosphere and scares!

This had the worst jumpscares in all games I played so far. Very well done. 
You can watch me poop my pants here :

Good game! Was a bit puzzled with the chase but got there in the end.

Great game pal! Looking forward to playing more of your work.

Great game!! would love to see more of this!

Pooped my pants playing this. Great game!

Cool game! Sort of happy it didn't last any longer or I would've pooped my pants.