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What makes for easy palette swaps? Fewer colors in each animation sheet?

Maybe some kind of voting or a subset of startcarts? If we keep going we might have quite a few eventually.

Like FOR the characters? Or like, hanging in a closet? Or maybe as icons?

This is pretty cool. My fingers got tired, though! It seemed brutal on first play, but once I figured it out I like to think I did pretty good.

This is lovely. Tricky sometimes, but when it gets out of hand I like to take a few victory laps to calm things down.

I got the bad ending O_O. It got tricky in one part, if you get stuck, back track. The way through is probably not what you think it is. I dig the story, very well themed.

This game is adorable. I would actually love to build rails into a whole world wide web. With like bridges and tunnels, trying to find efficient ways to connect everyone.

I never played Haunted House, but I'm guessing it was as brutal as this game. Maybe I didn't slow down enough.


This game is tough. At least, it's hard to stay alive for too long. It's gorgeous and fun though.

This is such a cool idea. Did this game mechanic exist in some other game? It feels unique but so obvious too. It's like the golf version of Rampart.

MAN this one is wild, feels avant garde. I never got that cool jet effect though.


This is a nice, satisfying game. Be careful not to farm your storage bin, though.

This is an excellent idea! Ali and Bilal are the best, I would actually love to get more dialogue from them. I love this game!

This on is weird in an old NES sort of way: help spiderbat farm his floating islands. I adore the ending.

I love this one! The only way I could beat the dragon was cheesy though. Still, figuring out how to cheese it was pretty satisfying.

This is nice and satisfying, though, the first time I played I accidentally deleted my storage bin!


I love it! That dragon is brutal though!

They all are!

They are so beautiful....