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good game. liked the fear of impending doom however the mazes took away from the horror at some points.

I really enjoyed this game, i think the art style is really interesting and It's great that you can play in your browser. i think having more signage in the game would improve the navigating as i was slightly confused at some points: you could get passed the signs by making only one obvious entrance clearly cutting off all other routes. otherwise i think the game would be great with more levels and puzzle aspects.

a good game but sadly felt horribly balanced, most systems that felt important to the game were either too hard or completely skippable i felt myself exploring very little of the map and rather just stumbling across the exit. the controls for the character are interesting but the last corridor was just silly i fell it really forces you to use the annoying inventory controls which are frustratingly hard to use; 4 bullets sometimes killed an enemy and other not, altogether very not very fun.