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Sick, I'll give that a try. Thank you!

Right, so I found and played this game about a year ago now and have been searching for it ever since. I am overjoyed to have found this lovely game again, though I won't be able to play it on my new Apple computer lol

Hey, I know this game is on hiatus right now, but I just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed it so far. I first played it nearly two years ago, and didn't reach an ending at that point, but I'm going back to see what's changed and what I missed initially. Take plenty of time for yourself (I get that burnout sucks, trust me); I'll be waiting patiently when you decide to come back to this game!

A super, super sweet game. I love the art style, music, and story so much.You did an amazing job, and I loved every second of it.

A goddamn good game, and hell of a story you put together. Hit hard, to be honest. 10/10

It really hit home for me, the game. Thank you for making it. I do mean that. 

I never leave comments. But this game is deserving of much more than a comment at this stage. I felt a somehow deep connection to my 'buddy' (whom I named James), and was genuinely distraught by the ending. I most certainly hope to see more from you in the future, and hope there will be a full game coming soon. Best of luck to you.

He's... the creator of Undertale.

Oh my god. This left me speechless. 

Thank you for making it.

As always, you all have completely blown away my expectations.

Thank you for putting so much  work into this! I look forward to updates and stuff  in the future ^_^

Okay, to start, I love the premise of this game. It's unique and unlike a game I've seen before (in the best pissible way, I assure you). The music is accurate to the time period and makes me feel like I'm there in the actual bar. The artstyle is phenomenal as well and the diverse scinerios and differing outcomes of repeated scenarios is really nice. Can't wait for future builds of the game! Thanks for making it!

Additionally, I noticed a file entitled 'favor' that seemed to insinuate that it's possible to get favours from all three knights; I was curious as to how this would be possible and if it was implemented into this build of the game. Thanks, keep up the fabulous work!

I really like this game, first off. The art is great, the mix of skill-building and visual-novel works and keeps the story moving. The skills can be a bit frustrating and I couldn't find the walkthrough link, so I was just wondering what the skill requierments for the knights are? Thanks again and keep working.

Okay, I'm not a crier, but this game - this 23 minute game - I cried. The extra dialogue and just the care I just - I'm not gonna explain it because I can't. Just thank you for existing and thank you for making this game.

I love this game so far. The artstyle is fantastic and I like the difference and diversity between characters. I particularly liked how in the character creation the player got to choose their own pronouns! Looking forward to more of this  game!

First off, I absolutely adored this game. It was slightly confusing at first, but I quickly became acustomed to the ways of this (futuristic?) world. I got really attached to the characters even though it was a half hour experience. The style is fantastic and the sounds (and furthermore soundtrack) were fabulous. 

Looking forward to more content from you guys.

I already posted a comment last month (ABOUT HOW FREAKING AMAZING THIS GAME LOOKS AND HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR WORK SO MUCH DID I MENTION THAT IT'S AMAZING?) but I was just wondering how much the game is going to cost when it does come out (and also when do you see a demo or whatever going up)?

Thanks so much!

OML thank you! This makes me feel soo happy about making the game - I'm supersuper glad you enjoyed it!!

Okay, first of all, holy crap, I love all of this. I just feel like - I dunno, the immidieate relation between myself and Ren had me stunned. The emotions and the feelings were all there, and the artstyle was great. I especially liked the way chat was implemented and characters were introduced through there - they seemed exactly like a group of people who could exist in real life. 

Overall, fantastic game. I will certainly be awaiting further updates!

I literally cannot wait until you guys release this. All of your other games are amazing and I love your overall style - definitely gonna be a great game!

I am absolutely in love with the artstyle and humour of this game, the latter of which perfectly parallels that of Toby Fox. Seriously can NOT wait for the full game!

This game is so damn adorable and meets all of my criteria for a great visual novel (changeable pronouns/sexualities,  fabulous visuals, awesome text, etc). Can NOT wait for part two of this game (cAnT eVeN ~ )

I would certainly play a longer/full version of this game!

So  I saw there were no comments and I played the demo so hi!

The art is fabulous and the characters seem like they could be really cool in the future (not that they aren't now, but like just with some more development time into the characters). I was sad that the demo was so short; I have a hard time finding games like this on here. Thanks for making this and I will most likely be putting money toward the kickstarter for the full game!

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I can't describe how much I absolutely love this game. At first it reminded me of Undertale, and it still does, but it is so unique in so many ways. The battle system is a bit confusing at first but very atmosspheric and interactive; the artstyle is absolutely gorgeous. The soundtrack is beutiful and the inventorty ststem is exceptional. I would not hesitate to buy this game as soon as the full one is released.

I love the game and can't wait for the full game! Super surprised and happy about the amount of content the demo actually had.