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actually there are quite a few assets using the same black as the background. Some shields, the masks and some armors

Is there also an outlined version like for the other 1-bit icons you made?

That would be really nice! I considered recoloring myself but if you won't mind sharing your recolored version that would be awesome!

Great work!

Thank you so much. Great to see that you not only make new assets but also maintain the older ones.

thanks a lot :)

Hi, love the sprites but the droid has some artifacts too:

Any news? Because it seems that every spritesheet in the pack has this issue

Are you planning on releasing a Dark Version of the other droids too?

Amazing, keep up the awesome work <3

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Hi, there's something weird with the assets. I turned up the brightness to get the hit effect in every animation state but it seems there are some artifacts in the sprites.

Was way easier than expected. Just change the anchor point of the sprite to the shoulder and make the sprite look at the mouse position.

Awesome sprites! Do you know a good tutorial on how to do the sprite stacking/aiming?

Any update on that? I don't want to center every sprite by hand :/

Love all of your MiniFolks! What will be your next Artwork?

I agree, great artwork. Difficult to use.

Spritesheets would be great or even better if every frame was the same size no matter what animation. It's a pain in the a** to center the sprites.

I am currently working on a game with lots of blood effects. So a more gore like death animation would fit perfectly. I understand that for most creators a normal death animation will fit much nicer. Thanks for your reply and I am looking forward to see some more awesome pixel art by you :)

Hi, I love your style. Are you still working on the other animations or is this project abandoned?

That's awesome! Maybe a stange request for such a cute chicken sprite: Could you add a death animation in which the chicken get's beheaded? :D

Thanks a lot :)

Hi, could you provide the frames also as png? That would help a lot :)

I'm working on my first game at the moment and I really like you style. It would be great if you'd consider to get involved with some pixel art :D

I'd love to see some animations for those :)