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seems as if it doesnt work my good sir-

But also, the balls were slower, but the game and everything else visually was same speed

including menus, it was slowed down, and it sounded extremely creepy, and the effects on some of the songs creeped me out even more, like, imagine your playing the nornal beats, then suddenly, when u finish one, everything is silent on the menu, and you press a song, its glitchy effects are slower, the song itself is slower, but it sounded like it was meant to be slower,almost if it was on purpose, like, it was pitch adjusted and everything, i have a video i made of it that i had shown a friend, ill try to reply to this comment with it later-

(1 edit) swear i played it once..but when i played it again..everything was slow..and creepy..i dont know why..there was also a..sort if it was an old box tv screen-

why did u spend your time on this?

may u know, this one person is not the owner of the entire game, i believe there are many developers

not a good enough attention span, ill play it later

could use music

also, we all make simple mistakes, you misspelt default

oh my!! where can i find this games ost??? its so coool!!

oh my!!! thank you so very much!! this is so nice of you and very appreciated!! thank you!

(1 edit)

please do! I've been trying to find the background music, i would like to listen to it in the background as i work on my projects! thank you! and please tell me how to find it when u upload it somewhere!

that last part took me four days to get right!!! outstanding work!

may i know this soundtrack please?

why thank you very much!


how do i fix this bug-?

actually, its a good game! just kinda hard to play-

how do you even get past the first screen?

awe..well thank you anyway!

(1 edit)

windows and this: and sorry that i cant give you better information on everything, im not that techy-

to cut the reasoning short, when i boot the game, all i see is a black screen, i can see my mouse fine, but i cannot see the start up for he game, but i can hear it working, i can hear my character doing things, i just cannot see anything, this is a screenshot of my whole monitor when its running

why is it that when i boot it up..all i get is a black screen? is there a reason for this?

it's sad that i cant give treat a big ol' hug..

*character development cries in the corner*


what a very lesbian game