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This is the best puzzle so far! I thought it was an easy throw away level, but it ended up being more substantial. I'm not sure if I've gotten used to the difficulty from previous levels, but for whatever reason I never felt stuck on this level. There was always another solution to try, until the final one hit me.

Great job with this one!

Really good job with the subtle differences in platforming abilities between characters. It made the game fun to play through a second time when realizing that you can save everyone!


Really enjoyed my playthrough as the hermit. Started to feel more and more attached to the little world as I progressed through the rooms/descriptions. Great job!

Wish the second level had the control dialogue box as well. The control dialogue box would be nice if it had something like "press escape or space to close this box" or something like that... I just kinda guessed that escape would close it. 

I'll try not to comment on every puzzle, but I did like this one as an introductory puzzle. Really excited for the rest of this month!

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lol this level really is uncompromising on its difficulty! 

Looking forward to the rest of your levels :) EDIT: JUST KIDDING THIS IS DAY 2 gotta go hit up day 1

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I enjoyed it! I wasn't excited about the floatiness at first, but I actually ended up liking how the wall jump mechanic worked with it. Nicely done! It would have been nice to have a larger screen, but it was fine in html since you could just zoom in (although that did bring a loss in crisp pixel art)

Enjoyed playing through your game!

I didn't really understand why there were 2 balls per level? It WAS cool that a single level would double up as practically 2 levels since you had to navigate through the hazards in different ways for each ball... But I was hoping that there would be some levels that depended on the 2 balls interacting with each other. From what I could tell, all levels can be solved with the balls acting independently from one another (except when it is impossible to split them up).

"You win 2018"

Shoot. I should have played this yesterday while it was still 2018