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more than one map would be nice

the same with me to

This game has similarities to the steam game, Multiplayer FPS Tutorial Demo, does it have any relation to it?

"Telekinesis" could be a power used in play mode to move and throw certain objects, You press the Middle Mouse button at a certain block and you move your mouse to throw it, Might want to add a crosshair if you want to add it, 

Just a suggestion

Just a small suggestion that I could see some use for, Different types of balls and a menu to choose which one you will be able to choose in the game, There could also be a challenge mode to unlock balls to play with in the destructive sandbox part

The challenge mode, you have to destroy some specific blocks (indicated with a distinct border color) and using balls lose points, It would be similar to a small game called blosics 2.

Just an Idea for what could be next,