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wtf did I just play

ah thats alright

sb3 file wont open

(1 edit)

tbh its just a pain in ass to take it off

(1 edit)

Everything is overpriced making it hard to advance

got 22 out of 26 not sure how to get the last 4

anyone wanna play 

ah ok

jeez i must be rlly stupid because i have absolutely no clue what im doing lol

why do you start with negative cash

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um cheese jam and ham lol also how many toasts are there i thought that said crotch monster XD


oof that sucks

oh cool thanks

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its just a black screen

edit:refreshed the page and it worked

whats a float value

ik but look at the number its fucked up

very confused on the lever part

hmmhow is this possible

ye i figured it out a gave up cause my body parts whenever i tried to grab them the glitched out of the game

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cant play due to flash being dead


i dont understand what im supposed to do

thats aint educational

oh ok

The second dude keeps getting stuck so i cant get past the first level

what r controls

how is this educational

not loading :(

well there is driving while black in vr


ummm al i have is a black screen


you need to add a restart button

um why


dunno if this is a record but it was fun

nope its not loading and no i dont have a vpn