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That is very cool to learn, I’m looking forward to seeing everything come together.

the entire script of the game is…?  Finished? Cool? Full of bunnies?

I strongly urge you to rethink the MMO idea. Indie MMOs do not work, there are dozens of examples of that. People put a lot of their money into MMO development only to realize they don’t have the servers or the team size to make a whole world. MMOs often take millions to get going.

I can definitely see the Boyfriend to Death influence.  It's an intriguing start and I'm excited to see where you go with this. I wouldn't let the disapproving comments here get to you btw F95 is just very particular about what they like in my experience and don't seem to get that other people like different things.

This is super cool, I can think of a wip or two this would be great for!

This whole situation is messing everyone's schedules up, no need to be sorry for it in my opinion. Good luck to you guys.


Maybe you should make a post on Rose of Segunda's Steam page about the KS?

It's looking good so far. Threw in my money, best of luck!

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Not to argue with anyone but I've backed a lot of otome games, I also looked at the campaigns for even more otome games. The number of tiers for successful campaigns tends to be 8 to 20 (some even went up to 30 omg) so do what you want in terms of tier numbers. Something I've seen almost universally in game Kickstarters is a limited number (often about 100 or so) of lower priced "early bird" priced tiers that are a dollar or so less than the regular that will be available when the early bird runs out. I wouldn't make the early-bird price lower than the currently listed price though (you can go higher but I really don't think you should go lower). I've never seen a game kickstarter offer the game for less than $15 USD and that was for the limited discounted ones $15-25 or so seems a good price but up to you.

Edit: I would keep the one dollar pledge but those usually have no rewards.

I have personally never backed a game on Kickstarter that didn't have delays (and I've backed a fair few), especially if they hit their stretch goals.

Jared's photos indeed

I’m sure they wouldn’t want to refund it if I did give away the key and it would be stealing from you guys. But yeah I’ll probably just give it away instead of refunding it but thanks.

Heh, well I can't give it on itch because I didn't buy it as a gift here but If you have a Steam I can give you the key. I'd like someone to have fun with it.

Like the title says, forgot I pre-ordered already so I did it again T_T Is there any way to fix this problem (if not it's fine just figured it's worth asking)

Cool, I love customizable MCs!

The gallery's only going to be in the full version with all the routes in it