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Any chance for a downloadable version? :D

Ahhh, you're the best, thank you!

Any chance of there being a downloadable version? :)

You are putting out some dope stuff lately. Definitely keeping an eye on whatever you make next

My PC is detecting a trojan from the download sadly, but looks good.

Ooft, that final boss is tough as nails! Feels good perservering and finally beating 'em though; great game, thought the art looked charming but wasn't expecting this to be quite as good as it was. 

Hiya! This looks lovely, but sadly antivirus software is flagging it. :(

Heya! Think you spotted my tweet anyway haha, but thank youuu, that sounds wonderful. Looking forward to the soundtrack upload too!

Hey there - this gave me butterflies when I first saw it. Stunning, lovely concept, some of the best design I've ever seen in a low-poly game. 

Did you happen to have a short video/trailer or anything I can use to share it my indie game thread @Toadsanime?

I'd loooove to pick up a physical release of this!

Oooh, this looks good! Looking forward to trying it, thanks so much for sharing.

This looks really rather sweet!

Frequently shocked by the sheer level of quality on here.

You should absolutely be selling this game. I feel like I'm stealing from you!

Y'all are absolutely owning this, year after year. Looking forward to next year already!

For whatever reason, Chrome blocks this download as it detects a virus. :(

This looks amazing, you guys! Can't wait to get stuck into this.

You forgot to include the game download!

Just as a warning, this was flagged up by Google Chrome as containing a virus when I tried to download it.

Ahhhh, this looks super fun!

This is fantastic as a first-try attempt - honestly, I've played literally tens of thousands of indie games, and this bodes well for your first go at it!

Genuinely an enjoyable game with replayability, which is especially commendable given the time constraints!

Glad to hear, I'm still keeping an eye on it!

(If you have Twitter, let me know how development is going @Toadsanime, otherwise I'll pop it in my 'keep an eye on' list, ha.)

This is really cool, especially if it really is your first game! Keep it up, looking forward to playing the more fleshed out version!

Looking forward to a finished version of this!

Looks interesting! Is this likely to be developed further, or should I download this version?

Nah, I have more than 10,000 indie games on my computer, I'm a video games journalist (with a focus on indie games) so I can definitely download .exe files without issue.

For some reason, when I click to download this, nothing happens at all. Very odd! The game looks good though.

Windows just thinks this is malware, I'm afraid!

Can't seem to get the game to download. Odd!

Looks great though!

Can't seem to get the game to download. Odd!

Looks great though!

Can't seem to get the game to download. Odd!

Looks great though!

So you've made