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I'm playing this game on mobile, and the minigame moonshine run do not work properly because I can't collect the gasoline '-'

when the new update arrives, will i be able to use my old save? If so, could I know if there will be any changes in my save because the mini-game was not placed?



I managed to download the game, but for some reason the screen was always black

okay thanks

Not literally, but it seems from a certain point of view, but literally NO! definitely not

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Who is parker's family?

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You made this in mobile device or PC?

I need a way that I just need the cell phone

Maybe one day I will be able to play this game.I will keep myself informed about the updates, just because yes



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do you know any way to fix it?

probably my cell phone error but the error is "Problem in analyzing the package"

what are the requirements to play this game on android?

i downloaded the file but i can't install the app, so i was wondering if the app runs on android 5.1.1

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The game looks interesting.
I said "looks interesting" because for some reason the game stays on this screen for a few minutes and then closes.
My android is 5.1.1 and I want to know if there is anyone else with the same problem

Android 5.1.1 can run this game?

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and the question that everyone asks Who will be Alex’s next victim of the next release? better saying Who will be the next girl to sit on alex in the next update?

I hope Erika is the next

alguma chance de ter a versão android?

right, so I’ll download and see if the app works properly and report any possible errors that may hinder players using Android 5.1.1

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Have a android requirements?

because my phone is version 5.1.1 and i want to know if i can play without problems

5.1 devices are compatible with the game?