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Note: If the macros didn’t start (execute) correctly, you should restart Microsoft Excel and select “Enable Content” (as in image below). It works for me

A goose

.NET sucks at detecting the internet connection.

.NET sucks at detecting the internet connection.

Along with the Companion Cat

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Press and hold the ESC key

You need to press and hold the ESC key

You need to press and hold the ESC key

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It’s a false positive. Try VirusTotal then you’ll agree with me.

Why does everyone forgot the mods?

Press and hold ESC and you’re free to go.

Set SilenceSounds=True in the config.ini file.

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CLICK THE FRICKING BUTTON!1! What button is that?


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It’s a goos*

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You can’t. Just because .NET does not have the ability to support Android :) (this project uses C# for programming)

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But I use Windows 10 version 1909 and it worked.

What’s the problem exactly?

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Currently there are no plans for adding that feature. For more infomation, please go to this website

To delete (not to evict) the goose, delete the Desktop Goose folder and all of its contents.

Use mods

Use mods

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Read the FAQs here

Press and hold ESC

There’s no android or chromebook version of it because this project uses .NET which is incompatible with Android and Chromebook.

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Yes, you can


wow that was really cool!!

Bonk = honk

“Epikly Epic”


I can convert your games to executable files for you (runs on Linux, Windows and macOS). Did you want me to convert your games?