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Thanks! - cancelled download after your warning.

Needs a lot more information on the main map, eg showing which tiles are covered by which soldiers, eg showing how much resource is left in each tile, eg showing how far each watchtower will expand build range to (why do some tiles be unbuildable, seemingly random?)

Great idea but the frame rate is unplayably low - about 5 FPS on a GTX 1060.

The letters are 3 pixels high. I can't read any of the text, no idea what's going on. Use a real font, and make the game use the screen instead of using a tiny tiny tiny small fraction of it.

WebGL build doesnt work any more - bluescreens and console log is full of errors from Unity.

WASD keys don't work, everything else is fine. Not playable when its hardcoded to use keybord (no need, add mouse buttons) for keys that dont work.

Looks interesting, but the "jump all text up and down five times a second randomly, on all screens, for no reason" is a severe mistake. I don't want a headache from playing a game. Options screen doesn't really have options - the option to turn this off would have been good.

I gave up quickly.