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After 30 hours I can't belive that I'm finished with mid game content :( I love the story also had some moments that could make you cry. This game it's made very well at story, also not sure if beach scenes are saved somewhere. I will check the computer from protagonist room next time.

You kinda looking for her around night... you will see her icon and them don't really move. Also check quests often.

use itch client itself ... it's much better

use itch client itself ... it's much better

Still waiting for another public version because the game it's short.

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Ngl but I have over 15 hours now in this game, didn't expected to be that so good. I didn't had patience early game for some reasons but after some time I saw that it's good.

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I miss secound Azula scene for some reason and I can't get it in any way ... (nvm figured it out)

Facts bro, we need to learn him a leason.

Yes them are

Hope that this game will have better arrows to move on maps as colors, also first game was amazing.

I will follow the game to see how it progress.

Also I will rate it at next update. Because right now I don't have what to rate until I don't see 0.1.3a if something will be different or no.

Just finished week 1 (day 7). Idk if I will still follow the game because it's a lot of dialog and where's action you need to skip dialogs to see the action.

Maybe you can do gif/mp4 format in next updates.

Also yeah a female harem with a female protagonist and the relationship started to be poly and females started to live in same house...

Without sound or more action game started to be bored at this point, some things from story are nice but most of the things are happend over and over.

Also you lost time with short name for Chelsea, some of the days and dialogs are called in another way.

Don't forgot to make action a little bit different, actions to be gif or mp4, and some sounds will be nice because the game it's kinda blank, I think not everyone tried to reach end game because of it.

The horror part from the game it's more good than entire game.

Maybe you should do horror games from now on.

It was really cool, also why game don't have sound?

Btw I'm at day 4, I will come with an edit after finish the game.

6 endings eays to make if you use scroll.

And yeah I died a lot on normal difficulty because dodge it's kinda scaft, what we supose to be dodged it's not.

We need counter attack in this game or some more mecanics to finish faster hard difficulty.

It's boring to dodge heavy some normals dodge wait for stamina over and over.

Nice demo we waiting for a final version of this game.

Are you planning to finish the game and give an final version?

I just finished the game, wasn't boring at all. I miss some content but premium give 100% replay and idk if hints really matter so much after finish the game but w/e.

Have fun guys and good luck target do all things with the teacher, seems pretty impossible (lose virginity) with her.

Btw it was strange that I didn't know why lasagna comedy show and door blocked don't have any purpose in an ending.

Btw it was strange that I didn't know why lasagna comedy show and door blocked don't have any purpose in an ending.

I figured out all endings, I wait for doghouse 3

I come from doghouse 2 to see first game (got all 3 endings). Nice start, it will be also doghouse 3? Btw still scared by disco dog.

Great game btw as story.

For me work well on both versions.

Hey bro did you quit make updates and games?

Asking because people liked your games for speedruns.

Hey bro did you quit make updates and games?

Asking because people liked your games for speedruns.

You need to recheck english translate at the game itself.

The game isn't in english 100% btw I'm Romanian and saw a lot of mistakes.

If you need help with game testing contact me TLGaby on discord.

Cool, good to know!

Hey ya Mr did you think to make some new updates for this game? Saw that was Updated 20 days ago.

Updated 70 days ago

But still a nice game

I used auto clicker also as tester of this game :))

cool, thanks

Small suggestion, make pistol shots have some cooldown because you can play it with auto clicker and isn't fair. Also saw a lot of zones where you can stuck cats and stay safe.

Game is abandoned ?

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@Akihabara Studio please be informed that I can't see the new content in game. I even reinstalled the game to be sure that update work properly.

Edit: Game is still 1.0.0 btw

I don't see any new content ...

I will leave my discord here: TLGaby#3869 hope I can help you with this one.

Glad to help with what I can, I tried to spot issues without looking in code. At next version I can test again everything in game and in what conditions them are here.