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Not bad. Controls are a little unorthodox but workable. Not sure what some of the puzzles resulted in yet, like the piano, but seems fun so far.

Edit: Figured out the piano. Calendar puzzle didn't really make sense for why it worked that way but I understood the concept. 7/10 would play again

disappointed that there was only one scene and 1 nude image. seems like it could be good but the save is broken and there is not enough content

Estimated play time?

perfect game for broken keyboard

Amazing stuff, played through twice before the game glitched on my third run. To anyone trying for the good ending, make sure to get the clock hands before entering the combination, otherwise everything will break

Brought me an existential contentment the times of which I could count on one hand. Thank you

Your shit game made me hard reset my computer. If there is any damage i will be contacting you. And before someone points out a billion different ways to kill the task, I'm on Linux and every single keyboard shortcut is blocked.

watersports plz

There should be an advanced options or more details option in the pop-up. Just press start anyways