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IF your adult or pretending to be one


The movement and the combat the controls are too hard to function and its harder to use the  infinite dash kick glitch

i honestly really enjoy playing your games and it makes me want to stop being lazy and buy the patroen


One word Empty bottle

Ryan is a asshole for this bs he put on my account for now i shall Beat the living hell outta him

Vapor Trails community · Created a new topic Just why

i just wanted to say this game is hard to do using keyboard and thats amazing man i luv your game


and why tf is valentine so strong

speaking of lore what is the whole lore of the valentines i mean what year did they need faceBOt?

my heart melted

im using a school laptop to and it works fine

i got stuck finding the lever 

in deep town

yes i did

Vapor Trails community · Created a new topic tpose

two words hell yess

that was comedy gold thank you

how does a genuis peek at bolty in the bathroom


i just noticed theres a shop

oh ok lol its ok

oh shit theres a shop

um one me is a girl and two ninja

tf you just to me you littlesh*t
im sorry but this is my bf's account i just use it to play this game


has there been a update ive been busy 

can u make this wit controller support?

its okay ill make it public this is my runthrough of vapor trails sorry cant afford premuim to get unlimites time instead of ten 

REAlly omg thanks and quick question will it have controlller support like xbox one

could i be a beta tester for the full release

seven crane are you working on a full game

french 101

"dont be like them little shits" fuck im dying

im dying

i cried twice it reminded me of how sad and introverterd i am

i agree