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Any way to enable the spacebar for jump?  For single button joystick users.  C64 version has this.

With the new WHDload slave v1.23 it now allows to quit back to WB, but if you are in NTSC WB mode, it sets WB to PAL with a large gap at bottom of screen.

The Demo is amazing!  Works on my NTSC A500 just fine.

A 1.1 in Prg and D64 would be nice too.

Super Xevious mode not working on this final version.  Worked on previous one.

Hello, great game.  But I cannot seem to get used to the joystick controls.  Use to using fire for shoot and up joy to jump.  Any way to reverse this in the PRG?  Maybe a HEX edit?  ;)

Excess crack has been NTSC fixed if anyone is interested!

NTSC version please?

Tried it on my NTSC systems and forces system to PAL mode.  Looks like it doesn't utilize the whole screen in PAL anyway.   Will this be NTSC compatible?

It sure would be amazing to get an Atari 800XL XE port of this!