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It's a good sad story. There is a little hope but like always the best thing to do is make the most of time together while you have it.

I liked the graphics on this puzzle game and the fun puzzles.

You might want to check out Limey Lizard, Space Wizard.

A great 20 minute adventure game. I really enjoyed the humor and would like to see a sequel, but that is unlikely.

A fun short stealth game with a clean aesthetic.

I finished with 16 deaths.

A fun short quiz type game. Kind of reminds me of the impossible quiz, but much easier.

A nice short survival game.

Cute game it definitely did remind me of someone I know.

The art style is very immersive and the soundtrack is simple yet engaging.

Is the title a play on I have no mouth and I must scream?

neat thanks for the game!

It seems like on one of the later levels, the one after you become a manager, it is possible to get stuck in part of the level you cannot jump out of. I also saw no way to restart the level.

This looks a lot like turnip boy commits tax evasion.

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The game is very cool. Currently there is not too much content, but it seems like it could be really good if it was fleshed out a bit more. Which it looks like might be in progress now.

Extremely cute.

A fun little 2 minute game

A heart warming game that lasts around 10 minutes.

A very pretty game about a collapsed civilization. I especially liked all the lens flare effects.

A neat game. People who liked it should probably also check out Samorost and botanicula as they have similar art styles, though the gameplay is different.

Thanks for making the game. It liked it. The artwork (water splashes) reminded me a little of the old g-darius game. I did find the later levels to be a bit tricky.

A fun looking game some neat animations. It is pretty short, but its obvious that the creator put in a lot of work to make all the charming little animations.

great art and good music. The one issue I would have is that some of the notes and bombs are on the edges of the screen and difficult to see. I think a fullscreen might have lessened the issue.

Man this was pretty creepy.

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A very cute music videogame about a kid going on adventures.

A neat little game 5-10 min with a 3d gimmick.

A short pixel art horror game about a girl trying to escape a dangerous situation. The few puzzles it has are very basic, but it has a nice atmosphere and a couple of good jumpscares.

Very impressive though I would have liked some way to affect the ending. Something a little funny is my initials are TK, so I thought for a sec it was pulling from a username somewhere.

Very cute art!

I am assuming there is no way to resolve the war without everyone dying.

It looks really beautiful.

A bit of a sad story, but so it goes.

I liked it. Erin was so handsome I wasn't sure she was a girl for a minute though.

I liked it, though it does feel like a bad start can make it really difficult to move on. It also felt like it could get repetitive, but that is probably because it can go so fast you can see all of it pretty easily. If people like this they might also like War and Peace by Stephane Bura. It is a simplified one button real-time Civilization.

A fun little game of stop the spinner at the right time. I may be getting a bit old, some of the spinners were too fast for me.

Bummer, if there is a new release I'll check this out again.

It's good story though a little sad.

I keep thinking there is some way to dodge the hand. Also who tries to crush a bee with their hand anyways?

A little trip to a food factory and the exploration of how things get to your plate.

You could check out Viscera clean up detail for something in the same genre