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Attack buttons are, Q W E R T move is arrows, but you probably figured that out.

I might not be able to do that due too... personal reasons, but its not a problem tho, I'm fine with using the keyboard.

FYI: I did not type font...

Can't wait till steam release!

What I want added:

An option to make the graphics absolute crap,

Controller support,

And split screen.

Also, do you know how much it will be yet?

Cool game, still stuck on lvl 3 tho. D:

I don't plug in my controller, I have an adaptor, so does that mean its not adaptor compatible or something?

Well I tried pressing stuff and nothing happened, is there a certain button to press?


Nice lil game, but could you make it so you don't have to close the window then start again?

Kinda meh, I'm not too big on "point games" also, a tutorial would be nice.

I don't have Java, not gonna get it, fix plz, if possible?

Does this have Xbox1 controller support?

Could you make an option to turn the quality down? I just have a laptop, an its pretty laggy. Please fix!

Thanks for the advice!

GREAT GAME!!! I loved this game and I'm kinda sad its over... well... sort of, I can't beat levels 7 and 11 (no rhyme intended). Keep it up!

I think I already have the item, I just need to figure out how to use stuff (like the health pack).

I don't have a good computer either D: (Also, Good job on your grammar).

I'm having the same problem as Lmn_grt1563 Please help!

If someone could make a tutorial on how to open the game, I would also like that.

UGH Who knew it would be such a hassle to OPEN A GAME. I haven't even played it yet, so if you could make it EASY to get into the game, that would be GREATLY APPRICIATED.

No comment...

Also when a player falls nothing really happens, is that supposed to happen, or is it just me?

Well I played around by my self waiting for my bro, then it froze, I mean, nothing too big, just kinda annoying.

i had a problem with the sensitivity, also it seems a little to short, maybe add like a secret ending or something, but still pretty good tho.

it freezes after a while... FIX IT!