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Tj Glenn

A member registered Aug 30, 2020

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I found a bug. I got to the part of Sophia's quest where it says to progress Emily to unlock the bar. I went to the house to talk to Emily, and got the scene with Sophia and Lilly at the hotel.


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I can't access the new Nina event... It says she is at the beach, but she isn't. Did I miss something? It says to check the store if nothing happens, but MC always says he doesn't need anything.

please make an android version.

Please make it android.

I can't wait though! I know it's going to be an AMAZING update with how long it took!

Aaaaaand would there happen to be an ETR for that?

you could do that... or you could just download the phone version.

Where can I find said patch?

Ok thanks! I've been wondering for a while but just now decided to ask.

Is there an ETR on the next update?

Ikr 🤣🤣🤣


Where is this?

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K I just want to see really, any new content. I love this game. I've been playing since at least version 9. Can't really remember... but it's been really exciting to watch this game grow. Just keep doing what you're doing and this game will only continue to grow and improve.

Fanora is best, but Naira is a close second.

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What is the ETR for act 3?

Not currently. My guess it it will come in act 3.

thqnks alot!

I already beat leary. Is there any way I can still get the slutty scene

Why are the updates so slow on here compared to the patreon? Just because I don't have money to spare I have to wait 5 months for another update?

Can't wait for 0.9. I want to see how Nina's parents react to the whole pregnancy thing.

Thanks alot!

I have to say that this is an amazing game! Honestly there are very few VN's out there that I have seen that have a good story and good character background but this has both. Looking forward to a sequel, and hoping the second is as good as the first!

I can't find Hell. Is she in the game yet?

Whin is the next update coming? I kinda want more Kaitlyn content.

It's a good idea. The biggest prob I had with the coc ones was the whole no way to get them consensually thing.

dang. Thanks anyway.

Thanks alot! I have been checking her dialogue every update.

Sort of like the COC-Xianxia moutan worms?

Like the Angel Halo. It is a one-of-a-kind sword, but in NG+ when Alice goes to give Luka the sword he pulls out the exact same one. Also he starts with all the skills and tactics he had at the end of MGQ.

Thanks alot! Quick question though. Does any of this require a pc? If so I can't really do it. I would prefer to know before I start.

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When will you be continuing Quarina? Also I sent my kid with Kana to Artifact but Kana can't get preg again. plz help.

Could you tell me? I really wouldn't mind the progress loss.

I think they mean, like, easter eggs. Things that only happen in ng+ or ng++. (Think of MGQ to MGQ ng+.)

Hey, are you planning to continue Cassie's route soon? I would love to see more story based around her.

You don't get it. I mean it is telling me the original LD is not finished

ok. Just figured I'd bring it up. BTW figured i'd tell you, scenes in the original game aren't there like one of the cassie scenes with the milker in the private dungeon.

How do you give the girls the rooms in exile? I've tried for weeks now and can't figure it out

I meant like copy the entire game over to a new version so we can play og ld on android. Ld+ is missing a lot of content rn and i'd rather not have to wait. It took you a year to complete ld, with the new content you're adding in 2 plus who knows how long it will take to complete. (Just a side note. Could you maybe make the bad ends continuable without patreon? I'm hardly scraping by rn and can't run patreon.)