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Thanks bro, we appreciate your feedback & rate !

Done ;)

Amazing as first game, nice modeling (if not imported assets), the acceleration was a nice idea but it's huge, which makes it a little difficult, i admire the efforts made in this game, Looking forward to seeing this game on PlayStore with levels, or endless run..

Great Job guys, keep it up !

HAHA, cool !

when i first played i wondered who made those sounds, now i know XD

Good Luck !

Thanks ^_^

You made part making this game ?

I really admire your work, very good concept, great cartoon design, so fun..

Good Job, for real !

Hope to see a release with several levels and stories, Good Luck :)

Okay, we didn't know about that !

Thank you, man !
I hope it didn't take you so long to finish it :P

Please don't forget to rate !

and Thanks again

Thank you Chekbo bro, your game was cool aswell, GL mate :)

Thank you Jana, your game was brilliant as well, and yeah we had really great times during the Jam !
Good Luck 2u2 ;)

No, mate we made a mistake when we were uploading (last 5 mins)

we uploaded the .exe + the .apk in the same .zip file, but unfortunately the apk got some issues in some devices (not all)

you can download it and enjoy it on android then & please don't forget to rate and feedback !

Thanks for passing by