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Is there any way to fix the bar at the bottom from randomly going away where you can't load or save anymore?  It seems to happen toward the middle of the game and no way to unhide it to use for android version.

Looking forward to it. 

lol shouldn't have bought bundle too early.

too bad no pay option here rather than monthly subscription. 

I think this was fixed on the v0.5 update but not available here yet.

Not sure exactly what's up but sometimes you can't move characters.  When you use it, it only moves the body but not able to position them in a different location without causing them to toss the chair or bed they are interacting with.  Using the VR client if that has anything to do with it.

That's great to hear :)  Been looking forward to playing it for a while.   Take care !

sadly the save files don't work with the joiplay version from android.  Have to replay it all over with $30 left to work with.

You having that too?  I can't speak to her anymore with an infinate loop of the new event.

Can't wait to play the rest of the story :)