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Some friends and I tried our hand at Red Table just recently. We really like it, but we have a few questions about some rules stuff we think we didn't quite understand.

What happens if multiple people go boldly? Does it quadruple?
We felt like gaining Honor was kind of slow, are we playing it right?
How big would you recommend the board being?
Are there any additional house rules that you have that we should consider adding?
Why did you, in the 2019 Yule special, you pronouced it heerth instead of hearth?

Very cool game, I'd love to see more levels using these mechanics. The art is also very cute

Neat, nice art, though I would like it if while holding the dart throw button, instead of the dart jumping to the bottom after it reaches the top, it'd just reverse it's aiming movement at the same speed

I like the kitties, very cute. Is there a fullscreen option? The interface kept blocking part of the play area

A classic. I'd like to see obstacles, get in the way, or maybe the platform could vary it's speed to add a little challeng

Basic but neat. I think the art is pretty good.

I like. Nice and sporty, I could see this as either part of a bigger game, or maybe expanded into it's own game. If possible, it might be cool to add bouncing whenever the little dude bumps into terrain at high speed

It would be nice if there was an option to start at different days so that it'd be easier to replay and see different endings. Other than that, I really liked the game and the story