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Keinart bro...... Seriously i have no words left to describe how awesome you are or how unbelievably Super power infinite times awesome this game is..... usually i am lazy asf and that too a critic in my own way but after this game i have to say my whole world turned upside down... i hardly rate any game..... and that 5 stars is like..... well only happened once before and considering i am typing is like..... i can't believe myself.... it is just showing my support to you bro.... Hands off to you the story about reaching the sun the way you described everyone's personality you are just making me fangirling you more and more considering i am boy... well lets leave it like that for now... the song selections for the background music mainly claire de lune.... you are just freakingly awesome for a human or a monster..... hands off to you bro... i understood every little part of the story... but i only have one thing that i haven't discoved yet... what was the price for the survival competition.... only one question remains for me unanswered.... but please let me know how can i be in touch with you..... i hardly have any friends.... and reason behind it being i never found anyone like me but now you really have turned my whole world upside down..... thank you sooo much creating such an awesome game and introducing me to claire de lune..... and please let m know if there is anyway i can help you.... anyway.... i am from india by the way... and now i am sending all my "social media" friends to download this epic awesome game..... please let me know how can i stay in touch with you..... and i really cant believe myself right now that i have commented for the first time and it being this long... it is as they say the less they speak the more they have inside.... and right now i am all out!!! thank you once again for this epic awesome novel....